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Aqua Vape Nic Salt 10mg

Aqua Vape Nic Salt 10mg

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AV Nic Salt E Liquid

Nic salt e liquids are all the rage lately. And for good reason. Smoother than your regular e-liquid, nicotine salts make it possible to vape higher concentrations of nicotine.

You use less juice, which consequently means less dipping into your back pocket or purse. In other words, salt nic e liquids are great value for money. At Aquavape, we serve you some of the best tasting and most satisfying nic salt e liquids UK. And no, it’s not just saying. Our Nic Salt range was not created solely with the aim of jumping on the nicotine salt craze. As much as we take it upon ourselves to give our customers what they want through constant customer input and feedback, we wanted to give the market nic e liquids that take the concept to an all-new level. We gathered some of the most popular flavours in our stable and went to work on creating a nic salt line off of them. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Aquavape Nic Salt E Liquids.

More than Just Regular Nic Salts


Available in 10mg and 20mg



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