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Aspire Odan Tank

Aspire Odan Tank

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The Aspire Odan Tank is the long awaited new Sub Ohm tank from Aspire. With the brand famous for bringing Sub Ohm vaping to the masses this has been long overdue.



Aspire's goal here is performance. Targeting a smooth vape, incredible flavour and huge cloud production all based around an incredible new style of tank. Performance we shall get to shortly but in terms of looks then Aspire can certainly tick one of the boxes. The Aspire Odan looks incredible with the new crystal cut glass (seperate accessory) and honeycomb resin drip tip.


The Aspire Odan Sub Ohm Tank is available in 6 very stylish designs and colours. Showcasing yet again, Aspire doing something different than previously seen. The images below show the tank with the diamond cut crystal glass installed. Please note this glass is a seperate accessory. See below for details on what Aspire have gifted with the tank.


The Aspire Odan will of course be judged on its performance. Having had samples of the tank as it was progressing through development we can safely say the Aspire Odan will now be the #1 choice for flavour when choosing from Aspires range of Sub Ohm Tanks. The new performance features include a far better choice of wicking material. Boasting a mix of 80% Linen Cotton and 20% Japanese Organic Cotton, the Odan coils will perform really well. Why we here you say ?


Linen Cotton is resistant to high temperatures, it is much more efficient at slow wicking juice than regular cotton and has antibacterial characters as well. Japanese Organic Cotton has a long history of use in vaping due to the fresh / natural way it tastes when vaped and of course balances the wicking process against the Linen cotton really well. The result when used with the all new mesh material means an extremely smooth experience, ultra intense flavour and thick dense clouds.



The Aspire Odan Coils currently have x2 variations: 0.2ohm Mesh ( 50-60watts ) and 0.3ohm Mesh ( 35-45watts )

Size: 29.5x56mm (standard)

Coil: 0.2ohm mesh or 0.3ohm mesh

810 honeycomb resin drip tip

80% linen Cotton / 20% organic cotton wicking materials

Top fill

Pull out / push in coil system

Self sealing coil housing – can remove coil with tank full

Bottom adjustable airflow



Aspire Odan Tank

0.2ohm mesh coil

0.3ohm mesh coil (installed)


User manual

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