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Big Bold Fruity 120ml Shortfill

Big Bold Fruity 120ml Shortfill

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Big Bold fruity is one of the first juice brands in the UK to give you a ice shot on the side, if you like a slightly colder vape then all you need to do is add as little or as much of the 5ml bottle of ice to your juice as you wish, if you don’t then don’t! its that simple.

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Blackcurrant E Liquid by Big Bold. Blackcurrant is the hardest of all berry vape flavours to find an intense and heavy Blackcurrant flavour to create the ultimate fruity berry vape. Get a truly exotic berry taste with this blend.


Honey Melon E Liquid by Big Bold, Mouth watering and tangy flavours, delicately mixed with watermelon, honey and cantaloupe melons. Its sweet and thick taste of melon is like no other you have tried before


Lemon Lime E Liquid by Big Bold. Lemon Lime is a refreshing and tasty citrus vape flavour. Made with a lime base and a hint of sour, with sweet lemon flavours.


Lychee E Liquid by Big Bold. Sweet, creamy and light fruit flavour with a pleasant aroma. This delicate vape flavour won’t overwhelm your taste buds and can be enjoyed all day.


Mango Passion E Liquid by Big Bold. Is a sweet juicy mango blended with passion fruit making this a delicious tropical bottle of perfection.


Mint Candy E Liquid Big Bold. Is a sweet, creamy & minty thats the best way to describe this delicious mint candy. Delicate candy vape you can enjoy all day with an after taste of a refreshing mixed mint.


Pear Guava E Liquid by Big Bold, Its a sweet and crisp taste with the perfect blend of pear and guava.  The Juiciness of this flavour will keep you coming back for more.


Sweet Pineapple By Big Tasty brings you the exotic juicy taste of freshly ripened pineapples, truly a taste for the summer. 


Red Energy By Big Bold brings you the familiar taste of a classic energy drink this deliciously sweet flavour will surely end up as your next all day vape.


Candy Floss – A funfair classic, sweet and fluffy sugar spun. Take a trip down memory lane with this sweet and fluffy liquid form candy floss




How it works:

Take the 2 10ml nic shots (included in price)

Add them to the 100ml liquid to make 120ml of 3mg

Add the 5ml Ice Shot if you like your liquid cold

Give it a good shake

And Thats it!!




Please discard of empty bottles responsibly.

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