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Dinner Lady Salts 10mg

Dinner Lady Salts 10mg

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Dinner Lady Salts 10mg


The Dinner Lady Salts range is a series of dessert and confectionery blends with an overall sweet taste. Available in 10ml bottles with 20mg nicotine strength, salt nicotine provides a smoother throat hit compared to regular freebase nicotine. With a 50% VG ratio, these eliquids are ideal for pod devices and starter kits.



Lemon Tart Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  is a sharp and rich blend. From your first inhale you'll detect a buttery pastry mixed with a light meringue for a rich and layered taste. This has been combined with a sweet, citrus-laced lemon curdflavour - giving this ejuice an authentic dessert taste throughout.


Cola Shades Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  Salt Nicotine features a sugary cola flavour on inhale that has light caramel notes; a combination of lemon and ice gives this ejuice a tangy and cool finish.


Cola ice Cola Ice E liquid by Dinner Lady features an authentic tasting Cola blend. On inhale, you'll taste a distinct cola straight away followed by a refreshing cooling note on exhale.


Blackberry Crumble Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  Salt Nicotine is a sweet pastry blend. A rich crumble flavour comes through straight away with a layered taste and sugary notes. On exhale, a juicy blackberry creates a fruity finish that complements the pastry.


HeizenLady Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  is a berry fruit blend with a cool kick to finish. A combination of mixed berries are complemented by a chilled ice on exhale for a balanced eliquid.


Strawberry Macaroon Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  is a dessert blend mimicking the popular pastry snack. A sweet macaroon base, featuring undertones of cream, almond and coconut is complemented by a ripe-tasting strawberry for an authentic-tasting vape.


Strawberry Ice Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  is a fizzy drink blend which plays between sweet and sour tastes. A juicy strawberry is fused with a zesty cloudy lemonade and topped off with a cool ice for a layered flavour


Apple Sours Nic Salt by Dinner Lady is a take on the popular beverage of the same name. A sweet and ripe-tasting apple, containing a bitter kick, is present throughout for a simple vape.


Bubble Gum Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  is a confectionery blend with an overall sweet taste. A sugary bubblegum, with notes of strawberry and banana, are consistent throughout for a distinct flavour.


Lemon Sherbets Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  is a candy blend which mimics the Pick ‘n’ Mix favourite. Playing between sweet and sour notes, a zesty lemon sherbet containing an added fizz is apparent throughout for an authentic-tasting eliquid.


Sweet Fruits Nic Salt by Dinner Lady  Salts is a fruit blend with a sugary layer. A combination of mixed fruits, with candied notes, is consistent from inhale to exhale for a bold vape.


Watermelon Slices Nic Salt by Dinner Lady is a tropical fruit blend containing a sugary layer. Based on the popular Pick ‘N’ Mix favourite, ripe-tasting watermelon is fused with a sweet candy for a distinct flavour.


Berry Blast Nic Salt by Dinner Lady is an exotic explosion bringing together super sweet glacier cherries with a tantalising and tangy raspberry twist bound to leave you wanting more.


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