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Guardian Vape 600ml Liquid

Guardian Vape 600ml Liquid

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The Guardian Vape Eliquid range is home to the most exciting flavours of E-liquids available on the market. The vivid colours on the outside of the bottle don’t disappoint once placed inside your device, the quality will go beyond any expectations you have; combining a smooth smoke with a deep flavour. You’ll definitely be obsessed.

GUARDIAN VAPE skittles vape juice has lifted the bar to a new limit. This unique e-liquid will fill your day with joy and satisfaction. The kid in you will love the burst of skittles on every single inhale. Feel the full sweet power of skittles just tickle your taste bud and carry you to a cloud up and beyond on exhale. Wake the kid in you and liven up your day.

GUARDIAN VAPE VIMTO vape liquid will quench your thirst with an exclamation. Berries are abundant in this vape e-liquid. Taste an amazing VIMTO flavour immediately as you inhale. Let fresh sweet berries take over your mouth and just enjoy the feeling on exhale. This will be the best VIMTO you ever had.

Freshen up your day with GUARDIAN VAPE spearmint vape e-juice. The aroma will intoxicate while the taste caresses with a soft touch. Feel the spearmint flavour all the way in the back of your tongue with each inhales. Let the fresh sense relax you on exhale. Include this one in your favourite list.

GUARDIAN VAPE H BERG e-liquid will mesmerize vapers of all kind. This superb flavour has a way of capturing your attention with its unrivalled taste. Delicious blueberries of all sort penetrate your taste buds on every inhale. The pure essence of blueberry and raspberry makes a memorable mark as you exhale. This flavour will definitely top the charts.

GUARDIAN VAPE MENTHOL e juice glides you through a clear blue sky. Cool refreshing flavour with a hint of sweetness grabs you on inhale. Pure freshness is the end result as you exhale with a cool cloud. This wonderful edition will complete any collection with all kinds of vapers.

GUARDIAN VAPE BLACKCURRANT MENTHOL teases and delivers with a purpose. Blackcurrant paired with menthol is a natural combination that works for both sides of the aisle. With each inhale, blackcurrant will settle on your tongue. Exhale and feel a cool breeze with a light blackcurrant flavour. This one is almost too good to be true.

GUARDIAN VAPE BLUE SLUSH vape oil soft touch will entice and grab you. A favourite flavour among all this one is a sure hit with its subtle taste. Sweetened light slush flavour feels just right on inhale. Complete your experience on exhale with a light aroma that will make an impact on you. The playground is just around the corner with a Blue Slush.

Cherry lovers rejoice as GUARDIANVAPE CHERRY TUNES vape juice has come through with a basketful. Experience a rich cherry taste along with a full vapour throughout your day. Bite into a juicy cherry and let the flavour dazzle your taste buds on every single inhale. Finish your experience with a sweetness that continues on exhale and beyond. life is a bowl of cherries.

The flavour of bubble gum with GUARDIAN VAPE BUBBLEGUM e juice will last all day long for your leisure. Whether you are on the playground or just indoors cheer up your day with endless possibilities. Take the flavour in and taste this old favourite on inhale. The scent of bubble gum will exhilarate your senses as you exhale. Celebrate the moments of your life.

GUARDIAN VAPE BLUE RASPBERRY delivers a distinct flavour to delight you in a surprising way. Get ready for a ride in a blue raspberry field on a sunny day. The quaint raspberry flavour will reach the back of your mouth on inhale. The flavour will take its full effect on exhale like a cool breeze on a summer day. This will the beginning of a long friendship.

GUARDIAN VAPE HULKS BLOOD excites your taste buds with sweet and sour raspberry and blueberry flavours that are out of this world. Hulks Blood will start your day with a bang and keeps you going. A scrumptious bowl of raspberry and blueberry is waiting for you on every inhale. The flavours will form a strong vapour with dazzling aroma on exhale. Infuse yourself with hulks blood.

Get ready to be overjoyed with GUARDIAN VAPE WHAM. This sweet chewy treat is a delight for every occasion and will satisfy vapers of all kind. Taste a candy flavour that tickles your tongue on inhale. Relax and smell the scent of a sweet vapour as you exhale. Hop and skip all day with a wham.

GUARDIAN VAPE BLACKJACK is not for the faint of heart. This aromatic flavour will stimulate your senses and elevates you to a new height. A tantalising liquorice flavour will dazzle your tongue as you inhale. A distinctive scent will find its way to your nostrils and refresh you on exhale. Let the good times roll. 


This liquid comes in a 500ml bottle with a 120ml mixer bottle

You will get 10 nic shots to make 3mg


All you have to do is decant 100ml of liquid into the 120ml bottle and add 2 x 10ml nic shots to the mixer bottle and give it a good shake and it's ready to vape, this will make 120ml at 3mg


What you get:

500ml Liquid

120ml Mixer bottle

10 x 10ml nic shots




Please discard of empty bottles responsibly.



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