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IVG Salt 10mg

IVG Salt 10mg

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IVG  50/50


10mg Nic Salt



Bubblegum Millions- The Very special bubblegum that you couldn't resist to say no to. 


Blue Raspberry- Mouth Watering fresh blue raspberries treat with a subtle slush effect. 


Summer Blaze- sparkling lemonade poured over apricots, peaches and citrus fruits.


Kiwi Lemon Cool- A refreshing nic salt e-liquid mix of kiwi and lemon with a blast of menthol!


Rainbow Blast- Sweet rainbow flavoured candy nic salt e-liquid! 


Spearmint Sweets- One of the mint lovers, a refreshing and sweet spearmint nic salt flavour!


Apple Berry Crumble - A rich and layered dessert blend. The buttery pastry flavour makes up the base note, sweetened further by a juicy fusion of apple and blackberry.


Cola Ice - An authentic-tasting soda blend. On inhale you'll taste distinct cola notes straight away, with a hint of caramel; cooled by icy notes on exhale.


Pink Lemonade - Vibrant and refreshing, this flavour is a classic smooth and tangy lemonade flavour with a gorgeously sweet pink berry base.


Neon Lime - A citrus-based lemon and lime sherbet with a refreshing exhale.


Citrus Lemonade - Handpicked sour grapefruits infused with the zest of oranges & lemons, creating a natural tangy citrus lemonade. A true all day vape.


Riberry Lemonade - A perfect blend of crushed blackcurrants and wild berries paired with refreshing lemonade, an extremely satisfying taste.


Fresh Lemonade - A handful of freshly squeezed ripe lemons blended with a dash of sugar for sweetness, a brilliant yet simple classic lemonade that’s perfect for any occasion.


Honeydew Lemonade - Juicy honeydew melon puree combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice, garnished with crushed ice. A truly mouth-watering vape.


Fresh Mango - An elixir of soft tropical mango fruit with pleasant citrus notes.


Cinnamon Blaze - A combination of sweet and spicy cinnamon blended to perfection. This treat will have your taste buds oozing for more!


Peppermint Breeze - Balanced to a chew! The combination of the finest mints infused into bubblegum brilliance! This incredible flavour will leave you with a nostalgic experience.


Strawberry Watermelon - Nothing beats the mouthwatering taste of strawberries and watermelons, leaving you with the perfect burst of juiciness.


Tropical Berry - This flavour brings together tropical fruits and berries with the perfect amounts of gum, bring you your favourite classic chewing gum.


Ice Menthol - Is a menthol blend known for its prominent frosty flavour. A partnership of fragrant menthol and chilled ice combine throughout, ideal for vapers who prefer sharp, minty flavours.


Caribbean Crush - A totally tropical taste full of pineapple, grapefruit and Sunshine


Vimade Fusion - The bursting flavours of raspberry, orange and passionfruit. A delicious taste sensation.


Fruit Twist - A juicy and mouth watering blast of peach, mango, pineapple and passionfruit, a flavour you really will not want to put down.


Rio Rush - Is a blend of orange, pineapple, banana and passionfruit flavours that will transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise.


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