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Milkman Nic Salt 20mg

Milkman Nic Salt 20mg

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Milkman was founded on in the early stages of vaping.  Milkman created the perfect packaging theme to go with their delicious e-liquid line and the company has converted their freebase nicotine over to the salt nic side of the industry.  We can all now enjoy seven yummy flavors from Milkman in nicotine salt form.  Milkman comes bottled in 10ml bottles and in 20mg strengths.


Churrios Milkman’s Churrios is a warm, fluffy churro generously sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and then dipped in Milkman’s signature fresh milk.  If you think this sounds delicious, wait until you really vape this out of your favorite nicotine salt device.


Crumbleberry Milkman has made another delicious nicotine salt e-liquid flavor to vape with Crumbleberry.  A fresh and sweet raspberry paired with light pie cream and a crispy crumble crust.  If you are looking for something that is more on the lighter dessert and fruity side, Crumbleberry by Milkman can definitely become one of your all day vapes.


Pudding Milkman has created another all day vaping dessert with Pudding.  A rich and decadent creamy vanilla pudding with sweet lemon overtones is how Pudding from the Milkman is described when vaped.  If you enjoy an all day nicotine salt dessert e-liquid, we would highly recommend Pudding.


Strudelhaus Milkman has put together Strudelhaus on their roster of delicious desserty nic salt e-liquids. Strudelhaus is a warm strudel loaded with sweet blueberries, then filled with cream and topped off with powdered sugar. You can almost feel the flakes falling off the strudel onto your lips.


Sweet Mint Are you looking for a refreshing nicotine salt e-liquid? Milkman has a present for your with Sweet Mint. This bold and cooling spearmint gum will leave you with an all day refreshing vape.


The Milkman Toaster The Milkman Toaster Pastry & Ice Cream Nic Salt is a sweet blend of warm toasted fruit tart finished with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.


Gold Tobacco By The Milkman Salt is the taste of a rich full-bodied tobacco with a slight honey undertone and a smooth creamy sensation on the exhale, a great taste for any tobacco fan.




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