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Momo Nic Salt 20mg

Momo Nic Salt 20mg

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Momo Salt 20mg


MOMO SALT MANGONUT 20MG 10ML E-LIQUID - Momo Salt Mangonut E liquid gives you a taste of the Caribbean. Sweet and ripened mango carefully blended with a refreshing blast of coconut to give you that totally tropical feeling.


MOMO SALT ELDERPOMME 20MG 10ML E-LIQUID - Momo Salt Elderpomme E liquid features the fragrant floral notes of elderflower mixed with juicy apples and ripened pomegranate. A fresh and fruity delight for any season.


MOMO SALT PINKBERRY 20MG 10ML E-LIQUID - Momo Salt Pinkberry E liquid features the fruity flavours of raspberry and strawberry and paired them with zesty lemon to create a pink soda to refresh your taste buds.


MOMO SALT CARAMEL TOBACCO 20MG 10ML E-LIQUID - Momo Salt Caramel Tobacco E liquid is a subtle blend of sweet and sticky caramel paired with a nice tobacco undertone to curb those cravings.


MOMO SODA LISH 20MG 10ML E-LIQUID - Hydrate your senses with the taste of summer all year round. Freshly squeezed lemonade, ripened English raspberries with a grapefruit twist and a hint of plum, all served with a satisfying fizzy finish.


MOMO DRIZZLE DREAM NIC SALT 10ML 20MG E-LIQUID - Tantalise your tastebuds and enjoy the flavours of a freshly baked lemon  sponge cake straight from the oven, dusted with the sweetest brown  sugar and drizzled with a zesty citrus lemon icing.


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