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Moreish Puff Sherbet 20mg Nic Salt

Moreish Puff Sherbet 20mg Nic Salt

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Moreish Puff need no introduction

The original amazing flavours brought to you in Nic Salt

The Moreish Puff Sherbet range is something sweet and refreshing for your taste buds, with unique flavours including Raspberry, Strawberry Laces, Apple & Mango, Cherry and Raindbow.


MOREISH PUFF APPLE & MANGO SHERBET- Sharp apples and exotic mangoes combine in a tastebud tantalizing sherbet flavour.


MOREISH PUFF RAINBOW SHERBET- A multitude of fresh fruity flavours are hit with a wave of sweet, fizzy sherbet.


MOREISH PUFF LEMON SHERBET- An absolute classic, the sweetness of lemons clash with the sharp fizzy taste of sherbet for a tongue-twisting vape!


MOREISH PUFF CHERRY SHERBET- A tantalisingly fizzy sherbet coats some fresh cherries in a pure vape.


MOREISH PUFF RASPBERRY SHERBET- Sharp raspberries are sparked with a fizzy sherbet for a magnificent vape experience!


MOREISH PUFF STRAWBERRY LACES SHERBET- A magnificent recreation of the classic candy, sweet strawberries are blended with some fizzy sherbet.




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