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OhmBoy 60ml Shortfill

OhmBoy 60ml Shortfill

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Ohm Boy 60ml Shortfill


Sweetwater Grape & White Peach by Botanic - Join us on a trip to a California orchard. Sweetwater Grape by Botanics combines grape and peach notes to bring you an e-liquid kissed by the summer sun.


Valencia Orange & Passion Fruit by Botanics - Have you ever been fortunate enough to taste real passion fruit? If you have, you know that its tart flavour blends extremely well with the sweet flavour of oranges. Valencia Orange & Passion Fruit by Botanics captures the magic of that fruit combination in e-liquid form.


Rhubarb, Raspberry & Orange Blossom by Botanics - Aren't you tired of e-liquids that claim to be different but often feature the same old flavour profiles with different names? Rhubarb, Raspberry & Orange Blossom by Botanics is an e-liquid that actually is different. Less sweet than most modern e-liquids, you'll love this juice's herbal flavour profile.


Gala Apple, Elderflower & Garden Mint by Botanics - We love the flavour of elderflower, and here's an e-liquid that uses it to great effect. Gala Apple, Elderflower & Garden Mint by Botanics is an e-liquid that revels in its fruity, herbal and mildly sweet mint notes.


Cranberry, Apple and Raspberry by Botanics -is a combination of summer fruit flavours. A mixture of cranberry, apple and raspberry provides a layered vape.


Apricot Yogurt - A sweet milky yoghurt base, blended with tangy and realistic apricot.


Chocolate Milk - A realistic milk chocolate, with a fresh milk aftertaste and a silky mouth feel.


Caramel Latte on Ice - Layers of authentic coffee, creamy milk and sweet caramel are infused with an icey finish for a delicious latte vape.

Winner of the 2018 Vape Scandinavia Expo Award for ‘Best Breakfast’.


Grape Soda Gummy Candy - Grape Soda Gummy Candy is an addictive crowd pleaser, which packs a punch of sweet purple American Grape. Juicy, Gummy Fruit background notes and just a hint of Lemonade combine for memorable candy clouds. A simple, but well balanced recipe sure to be a fan favourite.


Raspberry & Mango Lemoade -Treat your tastebuds to this refreshing blend of ripe mango, sour raspberry and sweet lemonade.

Winner of the Vaperound Award 2018 for ‘Best Drink/Cocktail’.


How it works:

Take the 10ml nic shot (included in price)

Add to the 50ml liquid to make 60ml of 3mg

Give it a good shake

And Thats it!!



Please discard of empty bottles responsibly.


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