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Rachael Rabbit Nic Salt 10mg

Rachael Rabbit Nic Salt 10mg

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Following from Jack Rabbit's international success the guys wanted to bring complex fruity flavours to the market with the same ‘Jack Rabbit’ approach of smooth, decadent blends that stand out from the competition. Each flavour has a touch of koolada to give a fresh feel.


BLUEBERRY, CITRUS AND PINEAPPLE - Juicy, Ripe Blueberries bursting with flavour, brought to life with a zesty citrus fruits and a sweet tropical Pineapple and with a hint of koolada; a multi-layered profile that keeps giving through every taste.


LEMON, PEAR AND RASPBERRY - Tangy raspberry with citrus tones from sweet lemon, are complemented with ripe and juicy pear note. With koolada to round the flavour profile and produce a truly unique e-liquid.


ORANGE, MANGO AND PASSIONFRUIT - Juicy orange, sweet mango and luscious passion fruit; it 's bursting with exotic, tropical goodness! A touch of cool tunes up the flavour to give the ultimate fruity experience.


POMEGRANATE, KIWI AND WATERMELON - Exotic kiwi fruit blended with deep, sweet, pomegranate juiciness perfectly balanced with delicate tones of fresh watermelon, with a touch of ice, this flavour is truly special.


REDCURRANT, GRAPE AND CHERRY - A Burst of tangy Redcurrants joined with juicy Grapes and a juicy dark Cherry twist. A refreshing dash of koolada really makes the flavours pop.


10mg Nic Salt


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