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V Juice 120ml Shortfill

V Juice 120ml Shortfill

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V Juice 120ml Shortfill


Angel – A smooth creamy, yoghurty vape, with a sweet heavenly caramel blend!


Angry Apples – A double slap of red and green apples with a sour twist.


Arctic Blast – An icy tundra of a vape that is as cool as the arctic. A very cooling mint that freezes your taste buds.


Banana Custard– Everybody’s favourite custard with a smooth blend of creamy banana.


Banana Split - Wonderful ice cream, caramel banana vape, a classic choice.


Bear - If you go down to the woods today your in for a strawberry’n’pear surprise!


Beetle Tears - A berry berry smooth vape, bursting with raspberry's, strawberry's & blackberry's.


Black Cherry - Fabulous vaping flavour with a cherry on the top.


Black Jacks - A licorice sweet treat from back in the day. Perfectly blended to taste exactly like the black jack sweets.-.


Blackcurrant - A smooth easy-to-vape classic vape favourite


Blue Moon - Got the blues? This blueberry slush puppy juice with a hint of menthol is sure to make you happy again.


Blue Raspberry - Fruity yet tangy, juicy raspberry recipe.


Blueberry Custard - Everybody’s favourite custard with a subtle hint of infused blueberries.


Blueberry – Ripe and succulent blueberry berries.


Blues Bros – A flavourful blackberry & blueberry eJuice, with added soul and blues!


Bubblegum – Bubble bursting juice for every sweet tooth.


Butter Bean– A murry mint surprise that will knock you for six. A champion blend of mints and butter, and a great taste that never gets old.


Cherry Cola – Cola and cherry fizzy refreshment.


Cookie Monster – Monstrous cookie cream blend with a caramel and chocolate animal waiting to get out!


Crunch Berry – A cereal berry pre-lunch bunch of crunchy munch.


Custard Gourmet  – A huge fan favourite for any vaper.


Deep freeze – If you like cold hit menthols, then freeze your taste buds to Antarctic levels.


Doctor Montana– Say hello to my little friend! Doctor montana is a deep and fruity blend that is to die for.


Energy Drink– Sugary sweet punch with hints of fizz.


Equator Spirit– A seance of peachy goo mixed with electrifying pineapple. A very fruity, sweet, tangy apparition indeed.


Forbidden Mojito – A deeply satisfying Mojito cocktail blend. A sweet vape with hints of lime and mint.


Fruit Salad – Another blend to match an old school sweet treat, this time the popular fruit salad sweets.


Guava Insane – Insanely fruity guava kiwi mix with secret added zing.


Gummi Bears – Everyone's favourite jelly sweet now in a juice form.


Hard Candy – Ever tried candied watermelon? A suitable flavour for any melon head.


Hulk Blood – A raspberry candy beast trying to burst out. Don’t make it angry, you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry.


Kiss – A grape explosion of the sweetest variety.


Kiwi – A realistic taste of kiwi, moving from sweet, to a hint of sourness.


Mac Shake  An exact replica of the taste of well known fast food strawberry milkshake. Creamy, morish and yummy.


Mango – The tropical sweet flesh of a juicy ripe mango.


Menthol – Doesn’t get fresher than this menthol vape.


Mermaid Tears – A fruity vape of mainly wild cherries, mixed with the cooling waves of the ocean.


Mint Double Gourmet eLiquid – Cool vape sensation that leaves your breath fresh.


Mmm Doughnut – A salivating combination of thick strawberry jam and fluffy doughnut pastry. A jam packed e juice


Moose Milk – A creamy, maple caramel taste with hints of sweetness. Loved by mounties.


Peach Tart– A sweet tart with crumbly pastry, and a peach filling, make this vape very sweet and succulent.


Pear Drips – Hard boiled pear drop sweets with a touch more juiciness


Pink Lemonade– Refreshing, tantalising and full of lemon flavour. This one may become a favourite all day vape.


Purple Rain– Intense blackberry fruit mix with a cooling finish.


Razzleberry– If you love raspberries then this is the juice for you. Succulent and smooth without being overpowering.


Strawberry Cheesecake– A crumbly biscuit base blended with smooth cream and luscious strawberries. A delicate all day vape that you love time and time again.


Strawberry Custard– Everybody’s favourite custard with a delicate hint of strawberry juiciness


Strawberry Fields – A yoghurt and strawberry mix that is so, so nice.


Strawberry  – Powerful aroma of fresh strawberry fields.


Tuned In Cherry – A perfect cherry menthol all day vape that tastes as good as it smells.


Tutti Frutti – A perfect blend mix of tropical fruits.


Vim’o – Carefully prepared to exactly match the well known drink. Put a purple smile on your face.





Yoder – 'Clouded this boy's future is'…brand new Yoda flavour eliquid with strawberry and pear bursting flavours.


How it works:

Take the 2 10ml nic shots (included in price)

Add them to the 100ml liquid to make 120ml of 3mg

Give it a good shake

And Thats it!!



Please discard of empty bottles responsibly.

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