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Vampire Vapes Concentrates 30ml - PAST EXPIRY

Vampire Vapes Concentrates 30ml - PAST EXPIRY

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Heisenberg E-Liquid

The daddy of all day vapes

Heisenberg is a world-wide famed e-liquid flavour that was first created and developed by Vampire Vape in 2014 for VapeFest.

At first, it was limited edition, but it soon became apparent that the market wanted it forever and has since become one of our most famous flavours that remains in popular demand to this day.

Since its first introduction into the market, Heisenberg has been transformed and developed in other ranges which extends to High VG, Vlads VG, KonceptXIX, Concentrates and Nic Salts.

This critically acclaimed flavour has been celebrated and presented with FIVE awards that celebrate its deliciously unique flavour.

These prestigious awards have been annual additions, with this flavour still out-winning new e-liquid entering the market. Heisenberg’s reputation and unfailing flavours remain a firm favourite for both beginner and veteran vapers.



Pinkman E-Liquid

The Juicy Fruit Explosion

Pinkman is and will always be the fruitiest of fruit flavours that rocked the industry upon its limited-edition launch at VapeFest in 2014.

Due to popular demand, Vampire Vape made Pinkman a permanent addition to its extensive collection much to the delight of the Pinkman fanatics out there.

Since then, this flavour has gone on to make many appearances in various ranges to make the flavour more accessible to beginner, intermediate and veteran vapers.



30ml One-Shot: 30 Full Flavour concentrate.


Mix between 15 - 20%


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