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Vaporesso XROS Mini Pod Kit

Vaporesso XROS Mini Pod Kit

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The Vaporesso Xros Kit is a brand new style of vaping to the Vaporesso Brand in the UK that's sure to impress. Vaporesso are a company who have stood high in the ranks the community and impressed us over and over again with their incredibly popular tanks and devices that are some of our bestsellers! The Vaporesso Xros Kit comes in the pod style stealth vapes.


'What's a stealth vape?' you ask, Well simply say it's a small and discreet style of kit that focuses primarily on flavour over vapour production, although the Vaporesso Xros does produce a pretty decent hit. 

The Vaporesso Xros is a super compact device made to fit easily and comfortably in your pocket, yet even for its size it has an incredibly 800mah internal battery and puts out between 11w-16w automatically. Paired with the 1.2ohm or 0.8ohm coils this makes best use of the battery capacity and power to ensure you are vaping happy all day long without worrying about running out of charge. We can see this being a very popular Pod kit in the UK.

6 Beautiful Colours
The Vaporesso Xros pod comes in 6 beautiful colours; Blue, Matte Grey, Silver, Sky Blue, Rainbow or Rose Pink. The hard part is choosing which one you like best.

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